Alternatives To Cable TV: HD Antenna

HD Antenna

Surveys indicate that 80% of American households spend money on cable or satellite TV service. The remaining 20% pay absolutely nothing for HDTV reception. There is a huge wave of consumers across the US to get rid of cable and satellite TV in favor of over the air HDTV. These consumers are tired of spending hundreds of dollars annually for content that they can acquire without a monthly subscription by simply purchasing an HD antenna.

One of the biggest obstacles facing people that decide to cut the cord and get rid of cable is watching live television broadcasts that aren’t often available through streaming methods. The solution to much of this is simpler than one might think.

So, how is this possible?

You can receive over the air HDTV directly from broadcasters in your area without paying a single dime for service. All you have to do is connect an HD antenna to your HDTV. In order to receive HDTV reception, you need an HDTV set as well as a strong TV signal that is in true high definition feeding your TV from the HD antenna. To find out more about what channels you can expect to receive in your area with an HD antenna check out Antenna Web

So, what do you need to receive free HDTV where you live?

A) You must live in an area that is covered by over-the-air (OTA) broadcasting signal. In a sense, you must live within the coverage area of the TV stations you are trying to receive and have strong signals from them. Additionally you may need to adjust for objects like buildings and large mountains surrounding your home that shield your antenna from the signals.

B) You need to own an HDTV that comes with an in-built digital (ATSC) tuner or have an external HD receiver connected to it. If you have an older digital TV, then you will need to acquire a digital to analogue signal converter box.

Buying the right HD antenna for your area

You need the right antenna to receive an HDTV signal for over the air TV. The antenna should be designed for your reception location. In addition, it should be relative to the TV station’s transmitter as well as its distance and direction from your home. Before setting out to acquire an antenna, it is important that you know the approximate distance from the TV station’s transmitter to your home. When making this determination TV Fool is a good place to start.

There are a lot of alternatives to cable TV. If you want local and live programming in HD there is no better, or cheaper alternative than and HD antenna.

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