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When I was a kid we could rarely afford cable tv and it always bothered me when we couldn’t, so when I got to be an adult I swore I would always have cable tv. As soon as I got my first place on my own I had it. And I kept it for the next 15 years. I would watch various things throughout the years, but as time went on I found that it had become more of a habit than something I actually used. Even when I started having digital video recording capabilities I found that I would record tons of things… then never watch them. During this time the bill began to climb, and climb to over $100 a month. I thought there had to be a better way.

Around this time most of the major networks started posting their newer shows on their websites, Hulucable box started having the shows from cable networks on their site, Netflix greatly improved their streaming content and capabilities. I found myself watching cable television less and less and eventually I decided to cut the cord

Now I save over a hundred dollars every month, never miss anything I want to see, and sleep better at night knowing I am not supporting one of the most out of touch industries in the world. I have created this website to help others find all of the LEGAL resources available today to deliver content for you to enjoy to your home or wherever you go and show you how you can also be happier when you cut the cord!

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