Daily Pick: The Kevin Kelly Show

Daily Pick: The Kevin Kelly Show

We focuse primarily on streaming services that are alternate forms of video… Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc… those services can provide thousands of hours of entertainment and information. But they are not the only way cord cutters can find news and entertainment. In the last few years podcasting has become increasingly popular. There are podcasts in virtually every niche, discussing every topic you can imagine. Podcasting has become particularly popular among celebrities who use them to extend their brand, discuss whatever is on their mind, or just interview people who are more likely to talk to a colleague than they are a traditional journalist. This week we are going to be highlighting a different podcast every to give you an idea of what is out there and provide you with yet another way to free yourself from the cable industry cabal.

Our first suggestion is by far my favorite. Kevin Kelly is a pundit, sportscaster, backstage and ring announcer formerly for World Wrestling Entertainment, and currently with Ring Of Honor wrestling. He is a true entertainment and media professional and his podcast, The Kevin Kelly Show is by far the most entertaining one I have seen to date. On his show he talks with former and current professional wrestlers, sports personalities and much more. the Kevin Kelly show is hosted by Place To Be Nation and comes out on a Bi-Weekly basis. I have linked to 2 of the episodes I think you will enjoy the most but really they are amazing and you should check them out whenever you have the chance.

Follow Kevin on twitter @realkevinkelly and Place To Be Nation @place2benation



The Kevin Kelly Show


The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 22: Featuring Bobby Cruise & RD Evans


The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 15: Featuring Dale Arnold

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