TiVo for OTA recording

A question I often get… or more accurately a complaint I often get is “Can I record my programs from an HD Antenna with a DVR” and until now the answer has been no. But TiVo who was one of the pioneers in digital recording of TV programs has a new service and device that will allow digital recording of OTA (over-the-air) programming.

Personally I am not sure that $15 a month is economically feasible when most of these programs are going to be on Hulu+ anyway (aside from ABC… still not sure why that is) but I can see some people being interested in this, particularly cord cutters who want to watch sports but have to work or whatever while it is on.

I don’t know, it is certainly a good step but I don’t see it really doing very well. What do you think?

A gripe I do have with this article is that it reads as if this only happened because of the Aereo ruling… but I don’t buy that. I assume this is something TiVo would have produced no matter what as they see the trend of cord cutting growing and want to get at least a piece of the pie generated by it.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-25/tivo-offers-dvr-device-to-viewers-without-cable-satellite-tv.html

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