Possible Details of HBO Online Streaming Service

A user on reddit who is a possible source of information provided some details on the HBO streaming service that was announced on Wednesday he had the following to say:

“A good friend of mine works for HBO on their Digital Products and Technology team… according to him this will be available early 2015 and can be consumed through a web browser or anything that can run the HBO go app. Pricing is still TBD. They are discussing a tiered pricing structure:

  • $10/mo or less: access to current seasons with a set # of views per month
  • around $20/mo.: all-access pass – all current and past productions, unlimited views
  • also maybe an option that falls in between those two… access to everything, limited # of views per month

He did say some stuff (Real Sex, etc.) would probably stay available to cable subscribers only.”

If this is accurate… and I don’t feel like it really is, but if it is I think the first option is ok for people that just want to watch stuff and don’t care about binge watching and the second option is really good but a bit on the expensive side.

We will try to follow this product more as news continues to come out.



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