News: Roku Passes 10 Million Units Sold in the U.S.

Alternatives To Cable TV: Roku Sells It’s 10 Millionth Unit

Our bias to Roku is well known so this is great, but not at all surprising news. We have tried virtually every streaming device and service on the market and thus far nothing has been able to compete at all with the power and flexibility of the Roku 3. Considering they have only been around since 2006 and are competing with corporate heavyweights like Google, Apple, Sony, and Amazon it really says a lot about the quality products Roku puts out, and also proves that when they are just better at what they do that even a previously unheard of startup can compete and dominate a market! When it comes to alternatives to cable TV: Roku is still the leader and I can’t see anything changing my mind about that any time soon.

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Alternatives To Cable TV: Roku


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