Alternatives To Cable TV

Alternatives To Cable TV

Studies have shown that cable TV customers spend an average of $75 a month, an equivalent of $900 annually. But why would you spend such huge sums of money while there are a variety of alternatives to cable TV that not only offer the same shows, but also for much less or even free. So why not just get rid of cable TV and switch to the cable TV alternatives of your choice that will save you from incurring such ridiculous expenses on entertainment. The available options include;

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Using antennas to access free broadcast TV

For those living in or near big cities such as New York and Los Angeles, they can be able to access major network stations such as CBS, NBC, CW and FOX and selected local stations through broadcast digital TV. Some stations will be able to pick up with a good indoor antenna while others will require some adjustments or an outdoor antenna to pick up. A modern digital TV set will connect directly, but if the TV set is analogue, a converter box or digital tuner will be required in order to use the antenna. The best part is that the picture quality is better than that of cable TV.

The choice of the antenna to use is also a determinant in the number of stations and picture quality you will receive. If the reception in your area is great, a simple non-amplified indoor antenna will be able to receive most of the channels. But if the reception is poor in the area, an amplified indoor or preferably outdoor antenna will be necessary to improve the reception and pick up more channels. When using antennas as variations to cable TV, it is also advisable to use the RG6 coax cable instead of the RG59 coax cable since the former has the ability to receive more stations and a better reception.

alternatives to cable tv

There are two indoor antennas that are most recommended. The first is the Cable Cutter Aerowave, a high definition frequency antenna that can be hang on the wall and is best at receiving VHF stations. Although the stations it receives are few, the reception is better especially for VHF channels. The other is the Mohu Leaf 30, which is flat and is also hung on the wall and may go unnoticed leaving the ambiance intact. The only flaw with the latter is that it is purchased with a low quality RG59 coax cable which will have to be replaced with the RG6 coax cable to improve its performance.

Using the internet to watch TV

Cord cutters are also opting for online video sources as an alternative to cable TV. Although not free, it is relatively low on costs compared to cable TV. These alternatives to cable TV can be accessed on computers, tablets and smart phones. Others can also be accessed on game boxes such as Xbox while others can be accessed on set top boxes such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Movies and TV programs can also be streamed from the internet directly to the TV. This will require an internet connection of at least 10 Mbps and ideally an unlimited data cap. Online streaming channels can offer a pay-per-view or subscription payment model. Based on your preferences, here are a few online stations and what they offer;

It is ideal for sports, movies and documentaries offering channels such as the AMC, ESPN and ESPN2.

It is ideal for movies offering unlimited streaming for $7.99 a month. It works on devices such as computers, Apple TV and PS3 and X-Box game consoles.

Ideal for reality TV shows from NBC, FOX and ABC.

Some devices owned in homes can also be cable TV alternatives but they will rely on the internet to stream videos. Such include;

Modern day TV sets can be connected to the internet using cables or Wi-Fi to stream content.

  • Computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones

Such devices are also able stream content from the internet although they are not a preferred option by many people.

  • Home gaming consoles

The Xbox, PlayStation and Wii can be connected to the internet to stream content through the TV.

Cutting the cord can definitely work for everyone. Considering the huge savings to be made, cable TV alternatives is something that should be considered by everyone by joining the cord cutting revolution’.

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