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Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime and all of the other major players in the streaming media services market are absolutely great. They provide convenient access to hundreds of thousands of movies, television shows, and documentaries that can provide countless hours entertainment, this is the real strength of streaming media services… but it can also be a weakness at times if you like indie films or you are just into something a little more rare, this is where comes in.

Stream Now TV is a new content curation service that finds the best “best web based shows and films to watch on your time.” With the consent of the content creators Stream Now TV has gathered a great collection of content from all over the internet.

In the past we have highlighted several movies and series from Stream Now TV and we have barely scratched the surface of the great content they offer. Check out some reviews of Stream Now TV programming .

  • Miss Guidance “Miss Guidance is a light-hearted comedy comedy series about Nilly, a former lab researcher, who decides to pursue her dreams of becoming a guidance counselor and finds herself in an internship working with fun and interesting characters.”
  • Slammed “Slammed is a film about waiting tables. It touches on some aspects of the restaurant industry but, it centers around Jared and Amanda’s relationship. Jared is a care free dreamer who lacks initiative. Amanda is off to college after her summer job waiting tables. Fellow servers Myk and Zack round out the cast. Myk is the old dog who is considered a lifer and the tough voice of reason. Zack is the awkward yet lovable guy in the bunch. This film is the vision of creator Joey Edwards and Myk Hughes. Both were servers and bartenders each for over 12 years. Slammed was produced with $0.00 budget and a skeleton crew. Production note: every line of dialog was improvised.”
  • Fractures “Shay has been experiencing temporary memory loss for almost ten years. While she has dismissed it as a result of stress and the everyday rush of life, she soon discovers that her 7-year boyfriend has been traveling back in time and affecting their life together. Simon is more than willing to share his ability with the love of his life, but he warns her that what one sees when they travel back in time is always a matter of perspective, and should never be taken at face value.”
  • Ashes “Ashes follows a brilliant, obsessive doctor working on a cure for AIDS, who unwittingly invents an aggressive new bacteria that deteriorates the body and enrages the mind. Now he must stop the infection before it destroys him and everyone he loves.”
  • Finn On The Fly “Like every new kid in school, Ben wants to make friends, but he’s too shy to do it. Luckily, he has Finn, his life-loving, Frisbee-playing border collie – who makes friends everywhere he goes. But when Finn gets his nose into a mad science experiment, a hilarious transformation takes place that changes their lives forever.”
  • Cost Of Living “What 2 Broke Girls would look like if it were funny.”
  • Taco Talk “Taco Talk is a late night styled television show that celebrates the deliciousness of tacos while blowing your mind.”
  • The River “Features five men abducted into an underground game of poker where only the winner will survive. “

Stream Now TV is continually adding new content and with future plans to have a streaming app and a Roku channel Stream Now TV is another one of the great options available to cord cutters.

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