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News: Cable Prices Increased At 4 Times the Rate of Inflation

Cable Prices Increased At 4 Times the Rate of Inflation. Further proof that cable companies are price gouging their customers? According to this report cable prices increased at 4 times the rate of inflation. Have you gotten 4 times the amount of service from your cable service? My guess is you haven’t.

Now this isn’t entirely on cable providers. Content providers have continued to charge cable companies a greater fee to air their programming as well, ESPN is well known for this sort of over charging. However I can’t imagine the rate that content providers charge cable companies has increased as much as the rate cable companies has charged consumers (I wasn’t able to immediately find numbers to support this so there is a possibility that I am wrong) so the cable companies are not off the hook for the responsibility here.

This is further proof that the entire business model needs to change. Cable companies need to either force a change in the paradigm so that they can offer Ala Carte cable subscriptions like people want , or they need to be removed from the process altogether so that consumer can buy their content directly from the provider and allow market forced to dictate the price people are willing to pay to get what they want. Few other industries are allowed to raise prices at this rate without feeling the wrath of the market, cable and content providers shouldn’t be allowed to either. Keep seeking to cut the cord so we can show these corporations we will not be at their mercy to get what we want.


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