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News: Credit Expert Dave Ramsey Says: Cut The Cord

Financial Expert, Debt Reduction Specialist, and host of the Dave Ramsey Show tells Americans a great way to save money and help get yourself out of debt is to cut the cord.

According to Dave:

“We Americans just love our entertainment, don’t we? We’ll spend thousands of dollars a year on ways to fill our time but put nothing aside for our future. People, that’s just plain stupid!

One of the biggest wastes of our time is cable TV. Is Dave totally against it and think it’s evil? Of course not. But we all need to check our priorities and alter them if cable is near the top of the list!”

Giving Up Cable Saves You Thousands!

“What if you devoted the hours you waste in front of the TV to more productive activities like family time, reading or exercising? Do you know how much you would save? If you put that $100 extra per month in a mutual fund averaging 12%, you’d have over $8,000 in just five years! In 10 years, it would be over $23,000!

Is it worth giving up $23,000 to have premium cable? You bet it isn’t. Heck, you probably only watch five out of those 100 channels anyway. If you’re subscribed to a cable service but aren’t out of debt or contributing to your retirement plan, then you need a good thump on the head!”

Take Dave’s advice, get yourself out of debt.

Source: http://www.daveramsey.com/article/give-up-cable-and-save/lifeandmoney_budgeting/

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