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Rabbit TV Review

Rabbit TV Review: The folks at Rabbit TV were recently kind enough to give me a 30 day trial of their service which is one of the cheapest  options available today, so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.


Rabbit TV is an online content entertainment guide. They have a team dedicated to searching the internet to find classic and current TV shows, sports, live events and pay-per-view programming. They then take all of this content, put it in one place, and provide an interface with channels and categories designed to make it easy to find the type of programming the user is looking for. It is important to note that Rabbit TV does not create their own programming, their goal is to find existing programming and make it easy for you to find and access.

The Good

Rabbit TV gives those seeking to cut the cord something precious… their time. There are a huge collection of excellent YouTube channels, such as NBC and ABC classics that play a live continuous stream of classic TV shows, that you could probably find on your own with enough searching, but Rabbit TV review has already done the work for you and put them all in one place. I know for me this is very convenient as I don’t always have time to search out new content.
The fact that Rabbit TV play in a browser makes it very portable, so it is easy to take your content with you if you are traveling or just want to watch some television on your lunch break. Combine that with the shockingly low price of just $10 a year and it is hard for anyone that has decided to cut the cord to justify not giving Rabbit TV a try.

The Bad

There aren’t many thing to complain about with Rabbit TV but one thing I did struggle with was understanding the interface. It isn’t bad exactly but I didn’t find it completely intuitive and found it took a little adjusting to get used to.
The only other limiting thing about it is that it is browser based, meaning it will need to be watched on a computer or mobile device. It would be nice to be able to have a Roku channel to watch it on your TV, but as screen casting becomes more common this will be less of an issue going forward.


Rabbit TV is probably the best online content aggregate I have found. The amount of content they have compiled, the way they presented it, and the incredibly reasonable price of $10 per year make it a more than worthwhile service, and I safely give it my recommendation.

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